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OpenTelemetry Integration

Diffy + Observability

The data produced by Diffy can provide valuable insights and make them easily accessible within your existing observability infrastructure. OpenTelemetry provides a standardized mechanism for Diffy to leverage your observability stack to provide useful logs, metrics, and traces.

Diffy's bundled docker-compose script gives you a taste of these capabilities by leveraging:

Run docker-compose up with this docker-compose.yml configuration and then send some traffic to your deployed topology:

curl -s -i -H Canonical-Resource : endpoint-test http://localhost:8880/success?value=happy-tester
curl -s -i -H Canonical-Resource : endpoint-test http://localhost:8880/noise?value=happy-tester
curl -s -i -H Canonical-Resource : endpoint-test http://localhost:8880/regression?value=happy-tester
curl -s -i -H Canonical-Resource : endpoint-test http://localhost:8880/noisy_regression?value=happy-tester

You can now access live results as follows:

You can also access Jaeger Jaeger and Prometheus Prometheus Prometheus directly.


The above integration is largely based on examples shared on the OpenTelemetry Java Instrumentation website.